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Impact of students participating in school activity

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Many students struggle with mental health in their lifetime. According to the CDC, every 4 and 10  students have struggled with some distress by the age of 15. Students have thoughts of feeling sad and alone. Students who participate in school activities like sports or clubs are less likely to struggle with mental health. Schools offer clubs and sports for everyone. Students have to find the right fit for them. It may take time to find the right one.

Students who find a good fit for school activities to participate in are more likely to have a healthier mental health status. Students feel alone and want to isolate themselves, but finding a club, sport, or activity will make these students feel accepted and welcomed to an activity they enjoy participating in. Studies have shown people who do not participate in school activities have thoughts of “feeling left out” or alone.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

In a study in 2017 the National Institute of Mental Health found between the ages of 12 and 17 studies have shown that students have struggled with anxiety, depression, and behavioral disorders due to isolation and not participating in any activity outside of school.

High school only happens in 4 years in a student’s life. High school helps prepare students for their future. Woodhaven High School offers over 50 clubs and sports organizations for students to participate in activities. Some students participate in several activities, and some participate in none. These activities and clubs are made for students to find an activity they enjoy, instead of staying at home. Participating leads to less likelihood of having any mental health disorder.

According to Principal, Jay Vesperman Woodhaven High School has 89% involvement in some type of extracurricular. This allows these students to feel connected with one another and find something they enjoy doing.

Some students say that participating in school activities can decrease mental health. Students may put too much pressure or stress on the mind. Joining too many clubs or activities may be schedule conflicting and students may not have enough time for school work, family, or time for themselves. Students begin to balance their time and find the right clubs to join. It becomes less stressful for students.

After speaking with Junior, Dani Couture. She is finishing up her junior year and has kept up with grades, sports, and her job. She has balanced all these activities while still finding time for her friends and family. Couture stated, “It was a challenge and became hard at times but it was all worth it in the end.”

After participating in school activities students gain productivity to go to school. Students show up to school more and grades start to increase. Joining a club, sport, or activity will help students prepare for their future careers and mental stability for an everyday lifestyle with routines.

Students have suffered for many years with mental health. Students who have participated in school activities have had an increase in class work productivity and a healthier mental health status.

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