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Five ways to handle and manage school stress

Five ways to handle and manage school stress

As the school year wraps up, so do tests, exams, and final grades. We all know what that causes..stress. Many students from sophomores to juniors recently finished taking the PSATS, SATS, ACT and the M-Step tests leaving many drained and stressed. For seniors, their last days of high school are rapidly approaching, including final exams, prom, graduation, college orientations, and so on. So what are some ways we can reduce this stressed layered roller coaster?


Starting with some shut-eye. Sleeping is recharging your body so you can have more energy to be more productive, similar to a battery. When you are tired you tend to be more irritated and unable to concentrate. Getting those restful hours can make a big impact on your cortisol levels leaving you energized and ready to take on the day. Getting little to no sleep can disrupt the cortisol levels making it rise, even staying awake at night can cause stress. It is recommended to get at least eight hours of sleep in a quiet dark environment.

Work Out

Exercise is another great way to remove stress. Personally, when I exercise while upset insert that stress into my workout eventually leaving me less stressed and relieved. That is called stimulating “endorphins”. Endorphins are peptides that restrict feelings of pain and encourage wholesomeness. Working out changes your mood and body for the better including lowering anxiety, depression, and stress. 


Stressed or not, diet is still very important when it comes to the body and soul. Some foods will leave you feeling energetic while others rather make you feel the need to take a 3-hour nap. It is best during the beginning of the week to make a meal prep chart and start prepping the food. It can be hard to eat healthy or stay on a steady diet. Even on the go it is easier to pull into a fast food drive-thru than cooking a meal at home. But creating a relationship with meal prepping can reduce stress levels and improve bodily health. Prepping meals creates less time to worry about cooking, while eating healthy.

Get Organized

Remaining organized can cause better sleep, lower stress levels, and higher productivity. As they always say, “Cluttered room is a cluttered mind.” You can have more time to do things besides constantly trying to become neater and have a more productive studying session. Having an organized environment will help you feel more relaxed and able to navigate through tasks much easier, decreasing those stress levels. Start with cleaning out your backpack, and binders then discard old unit papers and projects.

Listen to Music

Last on the list is jamming the pressure away. The Hopkins Medicine research claims “listening to music improves mood, memory sleep quality, and more.” When the vibrations from the music are inserted through the ear canals into the brain these vibrations cause “music”. When experiencing a stressful time our blood pressure and heart rates increase, but listening to soothing music can reduce those. Meditation, instrumental, and even nature sounds can feel like a relaxing vacation all in your ears. Try listening while reading, exercising, and even studying.

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