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Fallout Review

Upon viewing the Amazon prime new show Fallout, I was pleasantly surprised by its unique narrative. Unlike the typical video game adaptations, this show stood out from the crowd, a fact that becomes evident from the very first episode. 

The show is set in 2077 and starts at a time a little before the atomic nuclear bombs were dropped, to which we meet a character named Cooper Howard(Walter Goggins), who was an actor and former military official of the USA. After getting introduced to Cooper, the show gets right into the craziness when the atomic nuclear bombs are dropped. As soon as the bombs explode, they take the viewer to the vaults. The vaults were created by this company called vault tec, With there being over 100 different vaults created by them, the show only included a few of them, but the vaults that they did include were very well done by the director ranging from vault 31-33 being the most shown vault in the show, and vault 4 being only shown once.

This show introduces a diverse array of characters, from regular humans to mutated nuclear humans known as ghouls. Ghouls are living creatures such as humans or bears, mutated by radiation rather than killed by it, they also have regeneration power and are very hard to kill One of the early characters we meet is Lucy Maclean, a fallout shelter-raised girl on a mission to find her father who was taken from her shelter by raiders. Ella Purnell’s portrayal of Lucy is commendable, making her a compelling main character.

Another thing this show did a great job of was the little side plots that were included. There was so much going on, but there also wasn’t, and the director did a fantastic job of not overdoing it with all the different stories aligning in the show. A problem that the games had was all the confusion; there wasn’t any with this show. WIth all that though the show has been number one on Amazon video for weeks now.

The critics rated this show a 93% on rotten tomatoes and gave it 8.5/10 on IMDb. With great ratings from the audience too with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. Senior Michael Jordan is a fan of the Fallout franchise and enjoyed the show, explaining, “As I was watching the show, I enjoyed how it was made. I felt it was very entertaining,  and I was rarely on my phone. It was also nice to watch with my brothers and parents, being funny and action-packed.”

Debatably, the best part of the entire show was the ending. It had me at the edge of my seat, wanting to know what would happen next. This show has much to offer in the coming seasons with all the different stories aligning up but still not being finished; everyone should watch it.

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