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Listening to an audiobook counts as reading


Listening to an audiobook counts as reading. Reading the book may be more time-consuming than listening but it doesn’t change the content of the book. Although some people may argue that listening doesn’t count because you aren’t actually reading, you are more likely to retain the information and pay attention to detail with audiobooks. 

The benefits of listening to audiobooks include increased concentration and memory. This expands your vocabulary and strengthens your writing skills. Whether you are a visual learner or not, listening instead of reading allows your brain to imagine pictures and scenarios in your head. 

As explained by literacy trust The word literacy is defined as the ability to read, write, speak and listen in a way that lets us communicate effectively and make sense of the world.” Listening to audiobooks does all those things therefore holding the same components of reading.

Audiobooks are still literature, just in a different form. If audiobooks give you the same effect as reading, why shouldn’t it count as reading? 

According to Dimitrije Curic, “9% of all book sales in the US are coming from audiobooks as of 2022.”

The use of audiobooks is only increasing as the years pass. Being as though it’s more convenient it still possesses the same qualities as reading. 

For those who don’t have time to physically read the book, listening to an audiobook allows them to gain knowledge while doing something else or having to use the same energy to read. The benefits of audiobooks in comparison to reading go on.

Based on the 2016 study by Beth A. Rogowsky “the study found no significant differences based on whether a portion of a non-fiction book was presented via audiobook, e-text, or dual-modality.” After testing the comprehension retention from both and getting similar results it was concluded audiobooks should count as reading.

Listening is associated with cognitively engaging processes. I prefer listening to the book and following along which helps me to focus and stay in tune with the text. Though when just listening I retain the same information I do when reading.

Across all ages and genres, audiobooks have been extremely beneficial. Not only by surpassing reading effectiveness but also by allowing multitasking. All in all, audiobooks count as reading.

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