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How to boost your bench press

The first step to boosting those bench numbers is to perfect your form. Like any lift, good form is crucial. Keep practicing with lighter weights until your movement is smooth and consistent.



Strengthen your triceps. These muscles are key helpers in the bench press. Try close-grip bench presses, dips, and tricep extensions to build strength.

Work on Your Shoulders. Strong shoulders support a bigger bench. Include overhead presses and lateral raises in your routine.

Don’t Ignore Your Back.  A strong back helps stabilize your whole body. A weak back can cause instability. Rows and pull-ups can be super helpful to grow your back muscles.

Mix Up Reps and Sets. Sometimes go heavy with fewer reps, other times lighter with more reps. Keep your muscles guessing.

Rest and Recover. Muscles grow when you rest, not just when you lift. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and giving your muscles time to recover.

Get a Spotter. They can help you push out one or two more reps safely. Plus, it’s great for a confidence boost. stay consistent, consistency in the gym helps your body adjust to soreness. 



First up, lie down flat on the bench, and place your eyes under the bar. Doing this helps you set up making sure you are centered and a good distance from the rack.

Plant your feet firmly on the ground, keep your butt on the bench, and arch your back a bit. Doing this plants you into your starting position and the back arch shortens the distance between the bar and your chest.

Grip the bar just a little wider than shoulder-width, and make sure your wrists are straight. Gripping a little wider than your shoulders assures you aren’t overworking or only using a certain muscle group in your arms, shoulders, and chest.

Take a deep breath and unrack the bar by straightening your arms. A deep breath helps brace your body to be put under the weight of the barbell.

Lower the bar at a medium pace to the middle of your chest, keeping your elbows at about a 45-degree angle from your body. Keeping your elbows around 45 degrees helps with bar stability.

Once the bar touches your chest, push it back up to the starting position while engaging your legs. Always use your legs in a bench press to give you a boost to the top.

Lock your arms at the top, take another breath, and go for the next rep.

Form is always most important, start at a comfortable weight you know you can do, and start going up when the weight becomes easier.



The first piece of equipment would be good shoes. Shoes with a flat bottom and good grip are perfect for benching. Some recommended brands could be A7 lift shoes or stoic lift shoes. You can also go with a simple pair of vans.

Next, there are belts. Belts are useful while bench pressing to get a better brace against your belt while pressing. There are almost infinite good belt brands but some well-known ones are A7, Stoic, and Gym Reapers.

Another important piece of bench equipment is wrist wraps. Wrist wraps help stabilize your wrists with the additional weight. Good brands for wraps are Gym Reaper, Iron Bull strength straps, and Rogue. 

The last piece of equipment commonly used is arm sleeves. Arm sleeves are tight, stretchy fabric placed around your elbow to give an additional boost out of the bottom of your bench press. 

Overall, if you are looking to boost your bench press you need to put in the time and reps to perfect your form.

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