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Public schools show more growth than homeschool

Kenny Eliason

In the United States, there are many opinions on whether it’s better to homeschool their children or take them to school. Parents sometimes go back and forth deciding what is best for their child. When their kids are ready to start school, many students go to public schools. According to data shows that over 47.3 million people go to public school over homeschool. 

Public schools have many benefits when parents decide to have their children go there. Some benefits would be to have better social interaction, and parents get more free time because their kids are at school. Students can join clubs, sports, and many activities. Skills students learn by joining these clubs and sports are confidence, communication, collaboration, time management, and also problem-solving. I am a student at a public school and have played sports and been in clubs and being involved has taught me not only how to make friends but also different skills to help me in the world.  

There may be some drawbacks to attending public schools, but students will still receive the education they need to comprehend their subjects, depending on their grade level. According to some of the disadvantages of public schools include larger class sizes, standardized testing, and fewer teachers. When students have large classes, they may feel disconnected from their teacher or find it difficult to ask questions due to the size of the class. However, attending classes in college or high school in a public school can help students with social interaction and allow them to learn more about their teachers, friends, and themselves.

When parents decide they want to start homeschooling their kids, they start researching what they have to do. According to, there is not much that parents have to do in Michigan. They have to have any type of bachelor’s degree to teach their children. Looking at, they must cover different subjects such as Reading, Spelling, Math, Science, History, etc. The parents don’t have to keep a record of anything; the only thing they recommend is that they take a subject test. 

Some parents choose unschooling as a method of homeschooling because they have noticed that their child enjoys exploring and discovering new things on their own. Unschooling allows students to explore their interests and learn through their curiosities. Unlike traditional homeschooling, unschooling does not follow a specific curriculum, and students learn at their own pace and based on their interests. Although it requires less involvement from parents, unschooling is a viable option for homeschooling.

Overall, homeschooling can affect your child in many ways. According to, kids who are homeschooled have better test scores than public schools because they go at their own pace. However, test scores aren’t everything to a child’s development. As long as the teacher can see the growth of the student that will make not only the teacher happy but the student’s parents as well.  Some students struggle to move to a public school because of the different social cues, they aren’t used to playground rules, sharing social interactions, and making eye contact. These behaviors will help students later in life and with their family members. Public schools show more growth than homeschooled students. Many say they are glad they chose public schools because they feel it will prepare them for the real world.


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