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10 Questions with…multi-sport athlete Maurice Tyler

Jessica Payne

Maurice “Mo” Tyler is a Junior at WHS and has had a big impact in both football and track. Tyler has been on varsity for track and field since he was a freshman and football as a sophomore. Coming into the 2024 outdoor season for track, Tyler has ran a 11.52 in the 100 meter race, 23.73 in the 200 meter, a 45.54 in the 4×100 relay, and a 1:37.42 in the 4×200 relay. Mid season for football, Tyler experienced an injury in the middle of the season which postponed him from playing for a while. Besides all that, he was still at every game cheering on his team and getting ready to return to the field. Tyler said “This year for me was not what I expected with us. We have a very young team going 4-5 but I am excited to see how my senior year goes next year.” 

How do you effectively manage your time for school and sports? 

It is hard to manage time between school and sports. Sometimes its having to miss out on a few assignments and making them up later or having to miss practice to make sure I can get my assignments done but I always make up the workout I miss same day. 

What have been the challenges when it comes to being a multi-sport athlete? 

Having time to be able to have free time with friends and family. It takes away the moments I could be spending with my family but instead I’m at the track or the field to get work in. Constantly making sure I get better so when I am older, I can make up for all of that time. 

How has playing multiple sports contribute to school? 

It helped with making friends and making sure that I am on top of school work. This also helped with me being able to be myself on the field and in school. Meeting people through sports is a different type of friendship. You guys get closer and there is always friendly competition so you and your friend can get better.

If you have been injured before, how did that affect you in both school and your sport? 

I have had 2 injured Okay so during football season I had an ankle injury that affected me with coming to school and stuff because I can barely like walk and it forced me missing out on practices and some football games I missed two games the Allen Park in the water for my game and I had another injury during track season my oblique that didn’t really affect school as much as it did but it did for me with track having me missing out on a few meets only like three but it was still a set back as well with both injuries because I could not run to my full potential

In your off-season, how do you keep up with staying in shape for the upcoming season? 

I go to training and workout throughout the off-season. I always start off with a daily workout that goes for 2-3 hours. It’s a mix of cardio and weight lifting. Weight lifting in the morning and football training in the evening. Another big thing is eating right. Making sure I can meet my goals with nutrition but also still be able to have days where I eat what I want. It is a lot of mental work when it comes to staying in shape. 

Have you benefited from one sport into the other with skills acquired?  

Track really helped me out with my speed in football. Being able to be explosive is important in both sports. Football helped me with the competitiveness I need for competitions while in track. Being able to take skills from one sport and implement them into the other is very helpful because it might be a skill I was lacking last season but now I have it. 

What motivates you to stay in two sports while still continuing your education at WHS? Trying to make it in football. I benefit a lot from both sports and making sure I keep up my grades so I can make it into a good college for football. 

How do you maintain stress while going into hard competitions? 

Stress before any competition really went away after being on varsity for 2 years+. Games just feels like another practice so the anxiety and stress that first years have when it comes to sports is not a thing anymore. It is a good and bad thing at the same time. 

Is there someone who has kept you going when you wanted to give up in a sport? 

My momma, my mother has always been there for me and has always helped me through the mental blocks. She watches films with me and always gives me snacks while reviewing the film. She gives me rides to my college visits so without here I would have no idea where I would be at in my sports career or even if my career would still be here. 

Do you think playing multiple sports will carry on into college, and why?

No, Football is the one sport that I want to play in college. I do track for high school just so I can stay in shape and get faster for when im back on the field. I hope to go big for football as that is the reason why I started sports. Something about the way I feel when I get out to the field is a feeling no other sport could give. 

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