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Why dogs outshine cats as a man’s best friend

Why dogs outshine cats as a man’s best friend
Photo credits: Achona

There has been debate for years about whether dogs should be considered better pets than cats. Dogs are better than cats because they are more playful, doing things such as running, going for strolls, playing fetch, and being there for you in many ways. 

This article Dogs are Better than Cats agrees and provides more facts about why I think dogs are the better animal. They can be at your service by being a service dog.  Although cats make good emotional support animals, dogs help with medical conditions like epilepsy, diabetes, or PTSD helping you get through your days with the help of a four-legged friend, dogs are fantastic for emotional support, they have an uncanny ability to sense and respond to their owner’s emotions showing lots of affection and comfort. Dogs are great for socializing. You can take your dogs for a walk and this can lead to meeting new people on the way, making connections, and having conversations with fellow dog owners. 

They have a good sense of time, so they wake up and sleep at the same time as you, they love cuddling or lounging with you, and they have a way better personality that can impact you. These animals have been around since 15,000 YBP.  Dogs are even extremely loyal which can be humbling and overwhelming, but it’s one thing humans can learn from dogs. 

Most importantly, they can be easily trained to do things cats can not such as using the bathroom outside, learning various tricks and commands, and protecting you from any acts of harm. These animals can come in all shapes and sizes and are amazing hunters, so you can even bring them to your hikes. They are great for the outdoors since they have wet noses that help them absorb scent chemicals.

Certain reasons why some people might disagree with Dogs not being the better pet is because dogs can sometimes be obnoxious if not trained properly. Cats are very low-maintenance and calming animals; they even clean themselves even though getting them groomed is still recommended. 

This article includes interesting cat facts to include, cats are very smart animals, but they are also pretty small. Having a small pet can help you save some money, they have fewer health issues, lower the cost of grooming services, and of course, you get to snuggle them. Cats are typically crepuscular and sleep 12-16 hours per day, which means they are not very active animals.

Cats naturally train themselves to use the Litter Box when using the bathroom, and all it requires is you to change it but nowadays they have self-cleaning machines which make it even better not to have to deal with waste and the hassle of training your pet.

Cats aren’t outdoor pets; they live longer indoors. They do not bark, they only meow so you do not have the alarming barks. 

Dogs can be a better priority because they benefit in more areas. 

All in all, it depends on people’s preferences. In my opinion,  dogs are better than cats because they are loyal, playful, and can be trained to perform various tasks. Most may argue that cats are better than dogs because they are independent, low- maintenance, and provide emotional and calming support to your home. Regarding characteristics and qualities dogs make valuable companions we all need a dog to bring joy into our lives, Paswisitvely Pro-Dog!

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