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Dave and Busters: adding wagers can be problematic

Dave and Busters: adding wagers can be problematic

Daves and Busters is making big improvements to the franchise like store remodels and improved food and beverages. But in early May, the popular family-friendly attraction announced they had decided to partner up with tech company Lucra to consider adding betting wagers to arcade games. Lucras services are for adults 18 and up. 

In order to wager both companies will develop an app where you can start “social wagering” in the app. More information about the app is in development so there are not any details about age limit when signing up. 

Immediately, this sounds like a problem since Dave and Busters is known as a family place, not a casino. Not to mention that people may become aggressive when it comes to losing large sums of money, this can cause brawls inside and outside the establishments which is dangerous for kids to be around. 

Statista research claims “The gross gaming revenue of the gambling industry in the U.S. reached almost 53 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. Growing significantly over the 2020 figure which was impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.”

In 2022, the gross gambling industry in America managed to reach 60.42 billion dollars in total. Who knows what the amount will be in later generations to come? It is outstanding enough that American citizens have spent over 60 billion dollars on gambling casinos. But adding betting problems to a kid-friendly environment is not acceptable. Kids at a young age who look up to adults will take away from this as an example of adulthood. 

This new change may subliminally encourage gambling among underage kids and upcoming young adults since we know both are unworldly. Kids would be running around adults who may be under the influence, shouting they either lost or gained money by playing Guitar Hero. Not the brightest examples of adulting for future generations, especially in America.

Casino kids are children who “are being raised among the fast action and blinking lights, an estimated 2.5 million children in the U.S. are affected by a parent’s gambling addiction.” Children of this statistic experience emotional and mental abuse from parents. Research also shows that gambling is like a chemical addiction. 

The gambler will not be able to control it and start to experience many mood swings. If the issue is not addressed surely family relationships, and participating in everyday life may start to take effect.

Illinois State Rep, Daniel Didech is in disagreement with Dave and Buster’s pending decision. Didech spoke with PlayUSA about his disputes and motivation to file the “Creates the Family Amusement Wagering Prohibition Act” bill. 

“What they announced is just so inappropriate. In the past few years, gambling has expanded in a lot of ways that I think are good, but in the process become a much larger part of daily life for a lot of people.” Didech also mentioned “I think there are some spaces and environments that are just not appropriate for gambling to be pushed on people, especially places where there are lots of children. The Dave & Buster’s in my district is in a mall.”  

As the Illinois state rep said in his area there is a Dave and Buster in a mall with many children. He believes the company doesn’t have to push the activity in an environment where kids play. 

Didech then explained the meaning of the bill he put into place “Everyone involved in the gambling industry in Illinois undergoes thorough background checks, is required to implement 

security protocols can only offer games that are fair and safe for players and must create a responsible environment to protect minors and problem gamblers. It is inappropriate for family-friendly arcades to facilitate unregulated gambling on their premises. These businesses simply do not have the ability to oversee gambling activity in a safe and responsible manner.”

The bill Didech proposed draws a line between family entertainment and gambling issues. This will not only affect Dave and Busters but also Illinois adult gaming regulations in general.

 Didech did mention if Dave and Busters decide not to go through with it he will withdraw the bill. 

On the other hand, Lurca CEO Dylan Robbins claims “Friendly competition really is a big fuel for our economy, whether you’re playing golf on Sunday with your buddies, or you’re going to play pickleball or video games or even cornhole at a tailgate.” in an interview.

“I think gamifying that and digitizing all this offline stuff that’s happening is a massive opportunity,” Lucra does not use the terms “bet” or “wager” when referring to its product and classifies itself as a skills-based game. Leaders of the company say that these stipulations allow them to avert the regulations and permitting requirements that apply to gambling operators.”

Robbins makes a point explaining that this will encourage more competition due to money being involved, claims it is a major opportunity, and that there will be regulations. Not to mention that this will also bring in more money for the company since a cut from the bet will be taken.  

According to Zippa Dave and Busters generates about $2 billion in annual revenue. 2021 annual revenue was 1.3 billion dollars, in 2022 the revenue was 2.0 billion dollars. Their 2023 quarterly peak revenue was over 500 million dollars. I’m aware this new update will generate more revenue but is this not just pure greed? For the past three years, the company has made over one billion dollars in revenue.

I believe that they should have invested the money into expanding to outdoor activities but I see no point in wagering $10 to play basketball, especially when Dave and Busters will also take a cut percent. 

To put it briefly, I believe Dave and Busters should not include wagerings. First off this may give kids the wrong impression, second America already has a gambling hardship and third, the update is blatantly unnecessary. I can ask a friend to play a game for a green ten-dollar bill versus wagering through the D&B app and have a money cut taken out. 

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