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Restaurant review: Southgate Red Lobster offers quality dining experience

Restaurant review: Southgate Red Lobster offers quality dining experience

Southgate Red Lobster is very well known for their Cheddar Bay Biscuits but also many other things. Everything is served well made and fresh. This restaurant has been around since 1968 and has 649 locations around the United States. 

This Red Lobster location is great and has many good things about it. The scenery is great, and the fact that they have live lobsters on display and will even pull them out of the tank if asked to see them is really special to children.

Red Lobster is very peaceful, the lights are dim and it’s not loud. The service is outstanding. Frequently checking on the table for anything and bringing refills whenever needed is a big thing people notice in restaurants. 

Their menu has a wide variety of choices. If seafood isn’t your preference they have alternative options like cheeseburgers and steak. 

A good meal that they have is the shrimp linguini alfredo and a side of broccoli. The sauce is very creamy and everything goes well together. The one thing about it is the tails on the shrimp are still on them, making it a bit inconvenient to eat. 

Red Lobster is very clean and the welcoming environment enhances the dining experience, making it enjoyable to dine there. 

The bathrooms are spotless and everything is always well-stocked, when first walking into the restaurant there is no bad seafood smell, it smells fresh and well-cleaned. 

When entering Red Lobster the host was very friendly, and the server was very kind as well making it overall a good experience. 

A very good part about Red Lobster is their weekday deals. They have one every day and have their expensive items go into one meal to make it less expensive. Wednesday is very popular because you get a 7 oz sirloin steak, a Maine tail, and a side of your choice all for just $25.

The restaurant is always busy and there is always a wait which is great because it’s getting the business it needs because of the fact the company has declared bankruptcy.  

The reason why it is going bankrupt is because it had an endless crab promotion, which means it was all you can eat. Red Lobster lost about 3 million dollars in seven weeks. 

They also have a to-go service so if you do not feel like eating in the restaurant and enjoy eating at home then you can call or place an order through the Red Lobster app and they will get everything ready for you. 

One thing that they could change about Red Lobster is it is a little too pricey in some aspects. Getting just a 1lb snow crab is $30, and their strawberry cheesecake bliss is $11.49 while at Kroger a whole strawberry cheesecake is $8.99. 

Overall, Red Lobster is a great restaurant, they provide people with good experiences and enjoyable dinners.


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    Gail WallMay 19, 2024 at 3:47 am

    I love Red lobster, I go there for my Birthday, I do miss the fried catfish but I love the cheddar bay biscuits. Best environment staff is very exceptional varing people