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10 Questions with…welder Brady McGuckin

Riley Cottrell

Brady McGuckin is a senior in the welding program and is currently finishing his second year in the DCTC welding program. He is an exceptional student with a wide variety of friends and passions. One of his passions is his shoe collection. Outside of school, Brady works at the Sandbar and Grill as a chef, where he gets to demonstrate his creative cooking skills. While Brady is interested in all types of trade skills, he is going to continue working as a chef, while deciding which trade he may want to pursue as a future career.  

What made you want to take Woodhaven’s welding class?

I wanted to take the welding class because of stories I heard from my uncle. I feel like they kind of lit the flame or sparked my interest in welding. It’s also just a fun class I get two hours to practice welding with my friends.

What do you feel would better improve the shop?

I think that if the shop had a few more booths it would be easier for everyone to weld at the same time, but the space for that many booths would be crazy. Other than that I feel like we’re well equipped with tools like pliers and electrodes.

How has the welding class affected your plans after high school?

The class has shown me I want a future in trades. It also helped show me I prefer hands-on work over pencil and paper or computer stuff. I’ve always excelled in hands-on assignments. I feel like it’s easier to work like that.

What is one of your best memories in welding and why?

There’s too many to count, I enjoy the times that everyone in the class can show off their work to each other and we can talk each other up or help one another out. But if I had to pick it might be the iron workers comp. It had good vibes all day and the competition gave me a good challenge.

What was your favorite project you’ve done in welding this year?

My favorite project I did this year was a cutting table, because I know it’s gonna be there for a long time and a bunch of different classes will be able to use something me and my peers created.

Do you plan to pursue welding after high school?

I do enjoy welding a lot, but I’m not sure what my life’s works going to be. All I’m certain of is the fact that I want to be in trades whether that be welding, HVAC, or plumbing there’s a lot of possibilities.

What most excites you about life after high school?

I’m excited to get out into the world and see what kind of challenges life outside of high school may throw at me. I’m also excited for new experiences with friends and family.

What were you worried about going into welding?

I wasn’t so worried I’d say I was a little nervous to use that equipment. I didn’t know much about welding, but I knew the equipment if not used right could be dangerous. Thankfully I took the class and now I’m comfortable with equipment I didn’t know how to use 2 years ago.

Do you think you’ll take a break from work and school when you graduate?

I won’t be continuing my schooling after high school I don’t feel it would benefit me with the field I’m about to go into. Work is a whole different story though I’m going to try to pick up some more time, maybe start doing it full-time.

What advice would you give to upcoming welders?

Listen, always keep your ears open and be ready to take in knowledge. When I first got to the class it felt like I was learning something new every minute. Another thing I can say is be respectful of your equipment, taking care of machines or keeping the booth clean goes a long way with your instructors and not only them but being organized alone is huge.

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