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Girls varsity tennis aims for victory at leagues

The girl’s varsity tennis season will come to a close after the League tournament, and the girls’ team hopes to clutch the first-place title. 

Held annually for both boys’ and girls tennis, leagues host a plethora of Downriver tennis teams that compete to take home the first-place plaque. The nine teams of Southgate, Trenton, Wyandotte, Taylor, Lincoln Park, Carlson, Edsel Ford, Allen Park, and Woodhaven will play on Monday, May 21st at either Southgate or Trenton’s courts. 

Last year, the Woodhaven girls tennis team took first at leagues, so the pressure to take home victory for yet another year is high. 

Their biggest competitors this year are Carlson and Southgate, but since the girls beat Southgate in the league match 5-3, they should be able to wipe them out at the tournament. Their scheduled league match against Carlson was canceled due to rain. 

The girl’s team is currently undefeated in the league at 7-0. 

For leagues, 1 singles Emily Overton, 2 singles Heidi Klindt, 2 doubles Elsie Philabaum and Tatyana Biroscak, and 4 doubles Samarah Saggers and Caitlin Kolodziejczyk are in the 1 seed position. 1 doubles Paige Berridge and Emmarose Doran along with 3 doubles Morgan Kelly and Kelly Do are seeded at 2nd. 3 singles Lindsey Arnston and 4 singles Alyssa Ganop are in the 3 seed position. 

For first-round singles’ draws, Overton will play the winner of Trenton and Edsel Ford, Klindt will play the winner of Taylor and Lincoln Park, Arnston will play Allen Park, and Ganop will play Wyandotte. For first-round doubles draws, Berridge and Doran will play Allen Park, Philabaum, and Biroscak will play the winner of Lincoln Park and Wyandotte, Kelly and Do will play Edsel Ford, and Saggers and Kolodziejczyk will play the winner of Carlson and Trenton. 

Since it is held on a Monday, the tennis team is excused from school to play at their respective sites. 

The girls plan to give it their all by putting the pressure on the teams that will give them the most competition. This year, 8 of the 13 varsity girls are seniors, so a first-place win at leagues will mean a lot for them. 

Medals are awarded to individual flights for first place, second place, and third place, and the team that wins overall will receive the league plaque.

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