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WHS English as a second language class builds bridges

Tiba Inhayyir

WHS District has provided The ESL (English As a Second Language) class for students who face difficulties by having English not be their mother language.

By engaging in the ESL room, non-native speakers have gained the opportunity for proper education development and better help with processing English grammar. Students can also depend on translating, reading, writing, and gaining extra help with their courses and electives classes there. 

The ESL class has made successful progress throughout, it helped strengthen student’s communication with one another, educated them about other cultures, and increased their English skills to be better.

Mr. Peters, The ESL teacher who has worked for 3 years in WHS said, “We are building a community of learning in our classroom and hope to improve academic success for all the ESL students, we also encourage cultural exchanges between students to learn from each other.”  

ESL students might not be fluent in English but speak many different languages in that classroom such as Arabic, Urdu, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi, and others.

Jaiveer Badesha, An ESL student, of WHS, said, “I had the opportunity to hear other languages other than English be spoken in this room, It made me feel comfortable speaking mine”

One of the important school curricula was the WIDA tests. Where all non-native speakers must take to measure English Improvement in the ESL class, WIDA tests their reading, speaking, writing, and hearing skills development every once a year.

Ayesha Shoukat said, “The WIDA tests have helped me improve my English a lot throughout the time, It was nice to have that chance once a year to measure my learning skills. ”

The ESL class contains a list of students’ names who are allowed to participate in the room, therefore the ESL students are welcome to visit whenever they are facing any struggle with work.

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