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Is Tropical Smoothie better than Smoothie King?

Is Tropical Smoothie better than Smoothie King?

Tropical Smoothie and Smoothie King have battled for each other’s customers for as long as they have been open downriver. Both of these smoothie places carry the best combinations of delicious fruits but when it comes down to the details, Tropical Smoothie takes the win.

Being able to experience smoothies from both places has made it easy to make my mind up and know for sure that Tropical Smoothie is better.

Tropical Smoothie uses many tropical fruits and vegetables to make delicious smoothie concoctions like Blimey Limey which is strawberry, pineapple, lime, and orange juice, or Paradise Point which includes strawberry, banana, and pineapple. Not only do they have tons of combinations already made but continue to come out with new drinks all the time.  

Smoothie King offers a wide range of options but tends to stick to more basic smoothie combinations like strawberry banana.

Both of these smoothie places encourage health and wellness in their drinks with things like add in vitamins, dietary supplements, and protein powders. According to Tropical Smoothie Cafe, they use all-natural sweeteners and allows customers to customize the different enhancements that can be added to their smoothies.

Some people would rather have a basic fruit smoothie than taste all the additives like protein powder and whey, a review left on TripAdvisor says, “left a very chalky taste in my mouth, it’s not for me.”

While Smoothie King allows customers to get drinks without enhancements, they have much fewer options to pick from compared to their whole menu.

Some people, like 10th times, disagree and say that Smoothie King is the better option because they have more sizes like small (20oz), medium (32oz), and large (42oz). While this is true, and tropical smoothies carry only 1 size, they tend to be cheaper. 

According to Tropical Smoothie Cafe says, If you don’t agree with the prices of their 24 oz drinks, you can go Monday through Friday and get any smoothie for just $3.99.

Food is another addition to Tropical Smoothie that makes it a great place. Some people go here just to get a smoothie but if you’re hungry, they have plenty of sandwich and wrap options that even come with your choice of chips.

Both smoothie places sell delicious drinks and it’s really up to the customer to choose what their favorite is. In my opinion, Tropical Smoothie is better because they are so customizable, healthy, affordable, and offer great food. 


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