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10 Questions with…Jesus Alvarez

Jesus Alvarez is a senior athlete at WHS who has been playing soccer almost his whole life, will attend Siena Heights University to extend his soccer skills, and is also a successful student by balancing his school work activities.

What drew you to play this sport more than the other sports?

One day, I saw my older brother and some cousins playing soccer in my backyard and it looked so fun. I wanted to play with them and fit in. 

What was it like when you started playing Soccer?

It was very exciting, I didn’t regret the idea of playing soccer at all, it was my passion to play.

What did you struggle with that you had to overcome?

I played recreational soccer all the way until freshman year. My first time playing competitive soccer, I was humbled pretty badly. 

What position do you play, and what makes you strong at it?

I play attacking midfielder and outside midfielder and I think the reason I am strong in these positions is because I have good field awareness and I am good with the ball on my feet. 

What are some other hobbies you engage with throughout the time?

Other than soccer, I play guitar and I really like listening to Mexican/Latin music.

What is your role on the team, do you think you’re a good leader?

Thankfully I was a captain of the high school soccer team. I had a chance to mentor the underclassmen which I enjoyed a lot. I plan to come to watch them play next year.

Do you have a future in this sport, if so where and why?

I will be playing soccer after high school for Siena Heights University and I am really excited. That is as far as I want to go with soccer.

Has anyone helped you through your journey to get you to where you are today?

Yes, I give a lot of thanks to God because God is the reason why I have not given up and the reason that I never will give up

What is your favorite thing about soccer? 

My favorite quality about soccer is that it is a team sport. If the team fails to work together, it is impossible to win. 

What team do you support in soccer?

I support Club America from Mexico because they are the best team in the world. I am also a fan of AS Roma in Italy because I love the environment that the fans create


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