Students Discuss 2010 Trends

Carlee Robbins, News & Opinions Journalist

Teen and young adult life can be boring sometimes. To spice this up and make people feel more happy about existing, they should reminisce on things that made their childhood a happy time. However, through the decades childhood has meant something different to every generation. Some people would say it’s the clothes, others would say it’s the toys they had as kids. After speaking with 3 students from Woodhaven High School, this is what they said their favorite 2010 trends were.

When asked what her favorite 2010 trend was Allison Matzo responded with hair feathers. “I was a big fan of the hair feathers, I felt cool.” Back 10 years ago hair feathers were all the rage. They were one of the most fashionable items and they could make any outfit complete. Felt lame? Hair feathers would always be the solution. It was a staple in every young girl’s wardrobe. They were a great way for kids to express individuality. Hair feathers came in a wide range of colors, designs and sizes. The hair feather that you chose defined who you were as a person. These simple hair accessories allowed young girls to spread their wings into the fashion world. 

Speaking of high fashion choices, Justice was a popular store for kids ages 6-12 to shop. Caitlin Stackable decided that this was her favorite 2010 trend. She mentioned “I remember going to Justice to buy clothes even though I couldn’t fit their sizes.” Justice was one of the most popular places for kids to go to shop. They sold everything from stylish shirts to bold makeup sets. It had all of the gear you needed to survive elementary school. The clothes sold in the popular childrens store showcased all of the most trendy styles from the 2010’s. Anyone who shopped at a Justice store did not leave without a shirt that advertised what sport or activity they took part in. It was yet another way that 2010 kids chose to express themselves.

Moving the focus over to a different category of trends, pokemon cards were once all kids would talk about. Dominic Andrews said “It was fun to play with my brother. I liked to trade and collect all of the cards.” The slogan “Gotta catch ’em all” was once an inspiration to children all over the world. Anyone who was interested in Pokemon would beg their parents to pick up a package of cards every time they went to the store. These packages came with 10 random cards, so nobody would know what card they would get. What if a kid didn’t like the cards they got? They would trade with other kids. Pokemon cards were an amazing way that kids connected with one another. Pokemon enthusiasts would get together to battle with each other and trade their cards to make their pokemon decks better. Pokemon was more than just a card game, it was a way for children to make friends and interact with one another. 

2010 was a year packed with some of the best and most impactful trends. These trends helped people to make friends, express their fashion sense or even just bring some joy into their life over the years. They have helped children to grow into the teens and young adults that they are today. Even though it may not be obvious, these 2010 trends have had an impact on the way that things are today.