In Person, Remote, or In-Between?

Taylor Long, News & Opinions Journalist

During the month of October, students were asked about how they felt about the hybrid, remote, and in-person learning. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, students were given the choice to do in-person, remote, or hybrid learning, where students have a mix of both remote and in-person classes. One in-person learner who wished to remain anonymous, said they think hybrid learning is the best method of schooling during the Covid-19 pandemic, “Personally I think hybrid would probably be the best because it still gets the in-school learning without the risk of potentially being exposed…With in person learning, it is very different from remote, you don’t quite get the experience of being in the classroom with other students.” When asked about how in-person learning has affected their school year they said, “I feel pretty good, I mean there’s been a few cases but I think the school is doing a good job making sure that everyone is staying 6 feet apart, overall the school’s doing a good job with their safety.” 

Another student who does remote learning and wished to remain anonymous, told us that remote learning can have a negative effect on student’s school years, “Remote learning probably has negatively affected my school year because being at home creates many more distractions than being at school.” I, and I’m sure many other students, might have to agree. Last year, during the three months where every student did remote learning, many found it difficult to concentrate, “Sadly, right now, the best method of schooling during all of this would be remote learning”, said anonymous, “but it requires a lot more motivation and effort than normal.”. When asked what method of schooling would be better, anonymous replied with, “Remote learning is a lot harder with the focusing. And can sometimes be unreliable. Internet issues can occur a lot. And we also have the factor that remote learners get classes we didn’t want because there’s a lot of classes we can’t do on Zoom.”, Now that we’ve heard from an in-person, and a remote learner, let’s see how a hybrid learner feels about this.

The next student is a hybrid learner who also wished to remain anonymous, this student seems to like hybrid learning. When asked how hybrid learning affected their school year, they answered with “I honestly love having my first and second hours online. It gives me a more relaxed start to my morning because I have more time to get whatever I need to do done before I leave to go to school for third hour. I have more energy for the rest of my in-person school day too. There’s also no early morning traffic or rush in the parking lot which is a plus for sure. I am glad I picked this option.” Anonymous also told us how hybrid learning compares to in-person and remote, “ I think hybrid learning is the best of both worlds! Online is nice because you don’t need to leave your house and get ready super early. However, you don’t have face-to-face interaction anymore, which can affect your mental and emotional health. In person is of course amazing because it’s as normal as you can possibly get with covid running around. However, there’s always a risk factor that comes with it. With hybrid learning, I like to think that since I’m at school for less time, I am still being safer than if I were to go the whole day.” In Anonymous’s opinion, they think that online may be the best way to learn during the Covid-19 pandemic, with only going to school when necessary, the only downside being connectivity issues, “With the pandemic going on, the safety of everyone should always be a priority. This is why I believe online is the best option, with only going to school when necessary. However, I realize online may not be a viable option for everyone’s needs because of internet issues or parents needing to head to work and not being able to sit with their younger kids in their online sessions.” 

Now that we’ve heard from a learner from each option, what do you think is the best option? Online, remote or hybrid?