Covid-19: A look inside the lives of Students

Carlee Olsen and Emilee DiGuiseppe

There has been a lot of commotion around coming back to school or going virtual during Covid, luckily here at WHS we got the best of both worlds. Our hybrid school year is off to a good start, but it’s not exactly what we were hoping for our school year. From masks to social distancing, students and faculty make it a priority to keep everyone safe. Since being back at school, there have been lots of different opinions on masks and how students feel about being back at school, so we decided to go around and interview some students and get their points of view. We asked students how they felt about being back at school and here are some of the responses, “You know, it’s been pretty tough with Covid, we have masks on now, they’re kinda annoying but we have to wear them for the good of the people,” senior Luke Meadows states. Another senior, Hayden Johnson, says “I miss being at home, now I have to wake up super early,” which I’m sure a lot of us can relate to. The school has been doing everything they can to keep us safe while we’re at school, so we asked junior, Cornell Perry, how he feels the school is doing, he says “Yeah, I don’t think anything has happened, like no one on the football team has gotten sick,” which is a very good thing seeing there are 55 players on the team which would ultimately quarantine a lot of people. We also asked these students how they feel about wearing a mask all day and what type of toll it takes on them, Benjamin Rome told us, “I think it’s ridiculous in some areas like in weight lifting class when you’re trying to do your maxes, breathing in your mask is really hard,” which has been a complaint from many others as well. Yes, masks are super annoying, but Cornell Perry had the best response to the situation telling us, “I’m comfortable with it and I feel comfortable with everyone else wearing it. I don’t mind them as much, and if it does what it needs to do I’m cool with it.” This is a great attitude to have after coming back from a six-month break during a global pandemic, it’s not the easiest and it’s definitely not normal, but we hope you all try to stay positive, healthy, and sane!