An Update on the WHS Swim Team and the Effects of COVID on their Season


Riley Draper, Sports Editor


The swim team was able to get a season this year, just like all the rest of the teams, despite Covid-19. The girl’s team has been working very hard in practices and especially in the meets, every meet they always have personal best times. This season seemed a little different this year due to covid, having to wear masks on the pool deck and limited crowds watching the meets. Although these restrictions have been a little weird, it has not affected the girls swimming negatively.

The team turned out to be a little smaller this year, compared to the seasons in the past. The team consists of at least 16 girls, although they thought having fewer girls would be a disadvantage this year, it actually has been a great season so far due to the less number of swimmers.

I sat down and talked with Mr. Kelly, head coach of the team, to talk about their season goals and how the team has played out this season.


“In your opinion, how are the girls swimming all around this year?”


“It’s been a lot better of a year than I’ve expected and all the girls seem to be improving each meet. The team was a much smaller team than our previous years so I wasn’t expecting to do as well as we are doing. It’s been an all-around great season for everyone.”


“How has covid affected the season this year?”


“Different procedures, temperature checks, and health screenings, and spreading out the girls in the lanes. The hardest was probably having to adjust to wearing a mask all the time and the girls having to get out of a race and put a mask on right away while they are still trying to catch their breath.”


“What’s your end of the season goal for the team?”


“Make sure that everyone gets faster and has fun. I’m happy that we have made it this far in general and hoping that everyone gets their best times in the end. Also hoping that diving does good in regionals and get their best dives as well.”


As the season is coming to an end, they are hoping to gain more personal records at the league meet. The league meet is taking place on Thursday, November 5th at Woodhaven High School. Unfortunately, there are no spectators allowed at the meet this year due to covid, this has been hard on the seniors due to the fact their parents can’t attend their last league meet.

The girls have swum their very best this season, every meet they have gained personal best times. Hopefully, the girls can carry this tradition into next season as the team is losing 5 seniors this year. Look out for this upcoming week to see how these girls do at their last meet of the season this Thursday.