Coronavirus Changes the World of Football

Isabelle Goulet, Sport Journalist

At Woodhaven High School football games had been a big part of the school year and this year was a major disappointment. Only 2 tickets were passed out per player and cheerleader meaning not everyone could attend the games. The student section remained silent as the season went on due to a very empty student section. Students weren’t even allowed to attend the Homecoming game creating even more disappointment. 

This past Friday the Woodhaven Warriors hosted a game against the Taylor Griffons kicking off their playoff season. The Warriors took down the Griffons with a score of 49-7. Not only did the Warriors win, but tickets were also now available to the public for the first time this year. Tickets sold out fast as students rushed to ensure themselves a spot at the game since tickets were still limited.

More changes occurred this year along with new safety guidelines the players must follow. The helmets have a plastic shield over the front instead of wearing a mask. Even though the game is being played outside the people who attend the games must wear a mask. The effects on football have really taken a toll on the students this year. Hopefully, by next year it will all go back to normal.