The Effects of COVID-19 On A Local Small Business

William Widby, Arts & Entertainment Journalist

P.T. Christoff’s 4.5-star family restaurant on Allen Road has been affected by Covid-19 in numerous ways. One of the ways is that only every other table is open which cuts down how many people they can serve in a day and increases wait time by a lot. Having a longer wait time also leads to people getting impatient and leaving. “People would leave even after I wrote their names down,” says Rebekah Colón, an employee at Christoff’s restaurant. These people just getting up and leaving can cause a loss in revenue which can mean a loss in jobs. Another thing is if they do not tell the employee that they are leaving it can cause confusion, and a loss of time which is a loss in money trying to figure it out and longer wait times. Also, Christoff’s is not the only business affected by Covid-19, all of the businesses are being affected. Another thing proof of this is all around it’s not just restaurants either is grocery stores and other business too that are affected by Covid-19 so go out and help your local businesses.