Woodhaven Boys Cross Country Places 6th at Regionals

Logan Devins, Sports Journalist

The 2020 Boys Cross Country season ended Saturday, October 31st, with a devastating loss at regionals. The boys worked really hard this year starting practices in the summer, with many of our runners at the first meet already close to their personal best. They finished their season being undefeated, getting 1st place at the League meet, as well as getting first in the pre-regional meet. But, within the time frame between the pre-regional meet and the regional meet, the boys second runner was quarantined, and couldn’t run in the regional meet. 

The team knew going into regionals it would be a tough fight missing their second runner Conner Binge. They expected a tough fight and they had one. With Logan Lungeren placing 14th in the meet, he is the only one on the Woodhaven team going to states. Andrew whit was close behind Logan coming in at 28th. Jeremy Romero placed 37th, Dylan Menge 42nd, Ryan Buldoc 45th, Nathan Duchene 62nd, and Justin Romero 63rd.