Woodhaven Idol Goes Virtual

Carlee Robbins, News & Opinions Journalist

This past week marked the beginning of the third annual Woodhaven Idol that has been held at WHS. However, this year was different because of the limitations due to the pandemic. For the first round 30 students sent in videos to Mrs. Seeley, the choir director at the high school. In class, the choir students watched the videos and submitted their votes to Google Forms for their favorite singer. After all of the votes were counted, Seeley announced the top two singers in each class. This narrowed the contestants down to 12 singers going into the second round.


For the second round of Woodhaven Idol, the 12 students’ videos were compiled into a 40-minute video. This video showcases each contestant singing a full-length song while playing an instrumental version of the song in the background. The difference between this round and the last was that anybody could vote on these and it was not limited to choir students. The voting lasted for the entire day on Nov. 18. This voting would narrow it down to 3 contestants. When the votes were in, the results were posted on the Woodhaven choirs Instagram page. The three finalists from the round were Hayden Brasgalla, Lillian Fellows, and Gabriella Oropeza.


For the last round, the three finalists had to pick a new song to sing and record it once again. The videos were once again compiled into one video and posted on the choirs’ Youtube page on Nov. 24. The voting to decide the winner of Woodhaven Idol lasted until Nov. 25 at midnight. The winner of the competition was announced on Thanksgiving day. The winner of this year’s Woodhaven Idol was Gabriela Oropeza.