A Vital Voice

Nathan Kriebel, Website Designer

Over the past few weeks, the Woodhaven Theatre Company has been working on a project called the Vital Voices project. This project is something that the WTC does every year and each year it has a different theme relating to global issues. The theme for this year was called “Liberty and Justice for all.” For this project, the WTC split into three separate groups each containing 5-8 people. Each group had to write their own script, act, decide on technical aspects, and edit the entire skit themselves. I interviewed WTC member Taylor Jones on how her group went about with the project. “Well, it was a bumpy ride in the beginning but I believe the end product was amazing. My group’s skit was called Deserving and it was about the oppression and mistreatment of the LGBT+ community.”  Luckily, I got to view the final project and I will say it was fantastic. I thought that the way different aspects of harassment and how they were portrayed as demons was an excellent choice. The skit started with a little girl and her father on Christmas morning while the little girl was playing with her two female dolls and making them get married to each other leading to her father lecturing her on how that’s wrong and unfaithful to god. That was just a description of one of the many amazing scenes in this very well crafted skit. Overall I believe this play was extremely well crafted and a lot of time and effort was obviously put into it.