Woodhaven Theatre Company Meeting

Rebekah Colón, Arts & Entertainment Journalist

Recently, the Woodhaven Theatre Company and the Patrick Henry Theatre Company had a bonding meeting. And although the meeting had to be moved online due to the extension of online schooling for 9-12 grade and couldn’t do the workshops the highschoolers had set up, they still made the best of it and had fun. WTC board member and senior Alicia Somers lead the meeting starting off with a very fun Kahoot about both Woodhaven and Patrick Henry productions, then going through some finish the story type games. This was a meeting that was really supposed to help bridge the gap between the Patrick Henry theatre kids and the Woodhaven one and even though it got moved online I think it began that in a very fun and relaxed way. It was a great time to attend and even though I am sure everyone is a little sad that we can’t see each other in person right now, I am sure everyone in the Zoom call had a wonderful time.