How WHS students feel about the 2020 election

Madison Hittinger, News & Opinions Journalist

This drawn-out election season has been stressful for everyone. This election is notorious for how many young people got involved and took to the polls. Now more than ever, teens and young adults are using their voices and getting involved in politics. WHS students saw the tension and debate caused by this election first hand. During election week, the hallways of Woodhaven High School were filled with talk of who was in the lead, updates on the election, and who students were hoping would win. This discourse was even more prevalent on students’ social media accounts, where students took to Snapchat and posted memes as well as their opinions on this year’s election. I asked some Woodhaven students how they felt during this time period. When questioned, senior Jacinta Zinampan said, “ I feel like this election season caused those at the school to sort of wake up and see reality, and I think social media was definitely the most widespread tool to fuel the political war.”

Some students reported that it even affected relationships between some students in the school. When asked how she felt the election affected the student body, Malina Rowe said, “ I think the student body both became closer and more divided in different ways. Those that I saw supported the same views became closer, but became very very distant with those who contrasted.” I think everyone at the school witnessed this as well, at least to some extent.