Netflix Review on “Dash and Lily”

Katie Lusk, Photo/Art Editor

The new Christmas Netflix series, “Dash and Lily,” based on the novel, “Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares” written by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn, debuted this holiday season. Confined into 10 episodes, 23 minutes apiece, the unique love story between two lonely New York City teenagers, captivates their viewers’ hearts. This series is exactly what everyone needs to bring them in the holiday spirit.

As the holidays are dragging both Lily and Dash down this year, these two strangers end up with a good outcome. This young love is uniquely developed through a red notebook Dash originally found in their favorite library, the strand. They journal back and forth to each other hiding it in their favorite iconic parts of the city pushing one another to face their fears and share their darkest secrets. They end up falling in love with one another solely based on their thoughts and who they are on the inside. The two teenagers change one another without even realizing it.

Besides the strong love story, the soundtrack from this show is what makes it all the more enjoyable. The classic Christmas favorites and the appearance from the Jonas Brothers Band could be the reason this show attracts more viewers. The Christmas spirit really shines through in the music and overall brings light to the series. 

Christmas is a time to come together and appreciate the time you have with your family. “Dash and Lily” provide the perfect comfort while we are all stuck at home in this pandemic. I would recommend this family-friendly series to anyone who is trying to get in the Christmas spirit.