New Restrictions Causes No Cheer Season?

Isabelle Goulet, Sports Journalist

Both the Varsity Competitive and the Varsity Winter Sideline Cheer teams started their seasons last week. With it being a pretty known fact both teams have to wear a mask at all times during their practices. In addition, the teams were not allowed to stunt due to the rise in cases and the number of cases and kids being quarantined in the school. But now due to the new 3-week shutdown, the teams can no longer practice. With both teams being let down coaches have decided to have zoom practices. The Sideline team has practice 2 days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays and to make them a little more fun they decided to have themed practices. 

The Sideline team may also end up not having a season at all this year because there have not been basketball tryouts. This whole year has been a major letdown for many people, especially for sports.