Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Carlee Robbins, News & Opinions Journalist

Maybe you forgot to buy a Christmas gift. Maybe you prefer to get your holiday shopping done last minute. Either way, it can be difficult to come up with gift ideas for people. With this list of the best last-minute Christmas gifts, you don’t have to go through the difficulty of thinking of one. 

The first item on this list is gift cards. Gift cards are a great idea for a last-minute gift. Think about it; you are handing total control over to the person to go out and buy their own gift. Plus this also ensures that they will actually like their gift because they will be the person who picks it out. You could get a gift card for a generic store, or you could find out what their favorite store is and surprise them.

Coffee Mugs are also a great selection for gifts. They come with a wide variety of patterns to the point where you can get almost anything on a mug. If you can’t think or find anything that they like on a mug, just get their initial. They also have so many different uses. Don’t drink coffee or any other hot beverages? Use it as a holder for pencils or something else. This is a gift that they would get use out of and most likely enjoy using. 

The third idea is a board or card game. Almost everyone loves playing a board or card game with their friends or family. Games can be a fun way for people to come together at any time of the year. You could buy a classic like Monopoly or Life, or you could find one that neither of you has heard of. The best part is that after they open the gift, you can play the game together and have fun.

Slippers or gloves could be a great gift to someone. As you probably know, winter in Michigan can be very cold so this gift would help them to stay warm. This gift would definitely go to good use during the colder seasons. They can come in basically any pattern or color, so all you have to do is pick a style that suits them. 

You could also get someone their favorite candy or snack. This gift can be a little tricky, though. If you don’t know what their favorite snack is already, you might have to ask them or find out a different way. However, it is a good idea because it ensures the person receiving the gift will like it. This is another gift that you know will go to good use. It might be unexciting compared to other things you could buy, but the person will still appreciate it and be able to enjoy a snack.

Candles are another great gift for last-minute shoppers. There are a wide variety of scents and types of candles. This is a good thing, but can also be a risky gift to get someone. People normally don’t talk about what scents they like in a normal conversation, so you probably won’t know what to get them. However, sticking to generic scents or scents that are usually liked by people makes this a safer present to gift someone. 

You have probably heard of hot chocolate bombs by now, but in case you haven’t, they are chocolate balls that you pour hot milk over and melt. On the inside, they usually have marshmallows and other things you put in hot chocolate. This year they seem to be extremely popular. These are a great gift to give someone if you need something small to get them. They are lots of fun to use and delicious to drink. 

All of these gifts are great choices, but you need to decide what is the best one to give the person you are shopping for. Hopefully, this list will help you out with your gifts this holiday season.