Songbird Out Now

Carlee Olsen, News & Opinion Journalist

Have you ever imagined what the world would look like in three years if Covid still existed? There’s a new movie that recently came out, on December 11, called Songbird that is based on Covid-19, but in this movie, they are dealing with a much more fatal and aggressive form of the virus called Covid-23 that takes place in their 213th week of lockdown. Roads are blocked off everywhere and if somebody is seen outside they are most likely to get shot, and as their Coronavirus technology advances, people can now perform their own temperature scans on themselves, sending their results straight to the government. With the death toll passing 110 million, this movie hits a whole new level of quarantine. If the temperature scan on the phone detects a fever, it alerts ‘The Department of Sanitation’ and they will then come to collect the infected person and place them in a quarantine camp with others that have been infected. These extended measures cause people to go insane and chaos strikes towns everywhere. The trailer that has been released gives a chilling insight into what life might be like if Covid-19 continues its horrific path of destruction.