Kentucky Wildcats & Coach Calipari Kneel Together


Ricky Horner, Sports Journalist

The Kentucky Wildcats pounded the Flordia Gators in by far the best blowout of their season, right after they kneeled for the first time together as a whole organization. Mike Mitchell is the Judge Executive in Knox County, where Trump received 83 percent of the vote. He introduced a resolution calling for the state to essentially defund the university. The introduction to the resolution read: “Call of action to denounce the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team and the coaching staff for refusing to stand during the national anthem of the United States of America. This action lacks respect for the veterans that have served our country.” But as the anthem controversy continued to simmer Thursday, Caliapri’s stated all-caps tweet was consistent with who he’s been: “I STAND WITH, FOR AND BY MY PLAYERS. ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL!” Others believe the kneel-down poured gasoline on the fire by losing. As one fan put it on a Kentucky fan message board Thursday: “This is like when you are in a bad relationship with someone and then every little thing they do bothers you. That’s the Cal/fans relationship right now.” some people believe the Kentucky college basketball team is standing for what’s right, some are in disbelief and wondering why their Kentucky wildcats are a mockery to the national anthem.