New Year’s Resolutions

Carlee Robbins, News & Opinions Journalist

Let’s be honest, most New Year’s resolutions aren’t achieved. People make unrealistic or unreachable goals for themselves and know they won’t accomplish them. Most people’s resolutions are cliche statements like “I want to lose weight” or “I want to eat healthier.” Why do so many people pick the same resolutions? Why is almost a societal pressure to have a specific New Years resolution? 

There are so many New Year’s resolutions that are overused and cliche. Some of these include losing weight, eating healthier, working out more, and saving money. Now, these are good goals to have if it’s genuinely important to you or what you want. However, there are some more exciting goals. Some exciting and less common goals could be finding a new hobby, meeting new people, traveling, or maybe doing volunteer work. Goals that you find fun could also make you more excited about doing them. Being excited over what you want to accomplish is important. Don’t just commit to a popular goal. Set yourself a New Year’s resolution that you look forward to completing.

Having a New Year’s resolution in mind is one thing, but actually committing to that resolution and completing it is a whole other story. One thing that could make this easier is setting monthly checkpoints for your goal. Checkpoints can help you make sure you are staying on track to completing your goal. This goes hand-in-hand with planning ahead, yet another crucial step. Planning ahead can make you more motivated and helps you to set those checkpoints that help you to stay on track. Finding the motivation to complete your goal is also extremely important. Motivation helps you to actually want to take the steps that will complete your goal. The last and possibly the most important is making sure your goal fits your lifestyle. Make sure that your resolution lines up with your budget and the way that you live. 

New Year’s resolutions can be important in making sure your year is exciting and filled with new experiences. They can also help you to feel more confident and happy about your life in the future. New Year’s resolutions can be great, you just need to know how to stay on track with achieving them and how to be sure it is the right goal for you.