Governor Whitmer Extends the order until February 1st

Riley Draper, Sports Editor

This order originally was scheduled to expire on Friday, January 15th but she went on January 13th saying she is extending it to the end of the month. The announcement was made by Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon, along with Whitmer and MDHHS chief medical executive Dr. Joneigh Khaldun. Restaurants still are not able to open for indoor dining and many entertainment places are not able to serve concessions at this time as well. Gyms and indoor residential places remain open, only limited to 10 people in household gatherings. 


This order is being extended even more and I don’t really understand why, like restaurants being closed still I think it a little dumb. Just because gyms, ski resorts, sports are back up, etc. all those things can be dangerous when coming in contact with people as well. When I go to the gym so many people have their masks pulled down when working out, yet we aren’t allowed to go out to eat still. I feel bad for businesses because a lot of restaurants have been failing due to this order still going on.


The Governor just announced that she wants to start a recovery plan to end the pandemic and grow the economy. On Tuesday afternoon, there was a press conference where she announced her plan to end the pandemic. Whitmer wants to include a focus plan on vaccine distribution, economic recovery, and ways to get the students back to normal. 


This recovery plan is mostly targeted at schools and businesses, it’s a wide-ranging 5.6 billion dollar covid recovery plan for unemployment benefits and money for schools. The plan was updated just recently saying that Governor Whitmer will be officially opening restaurants on February 1st but it will only be open at 25% capacity. The tables must be six feet apart and no more than 6 people per table, the bars and restaurants must also close by 10 P.M.


I’m very glad she will be opening up restaurants. I felt very bad for business owners because many of them were losing money and their jobs due to the restaurants being closed for so long. I understand the measures that were taken to close them and to keep people healthy but I think it’s about time she has opened up the restaurants. Hopefully, this will be the last time things will be closed and the vaccine will fully help everyone in need of it this year.