Winter Sports

Taylor Long, News & Opinions Journalist

Even though the Corona Virus has put a halt to our day to day lives, it’s still good to see Woodhaven’s winter sports continue, it helps keep some familiarity from pre virus, it also serves as a good distraction from the stress of school, if you’re a competitive student and haven’t tried out for a sport yet, consider trying out for a winter sport next year, If you like to swim, try-out for the Swim team if the water isn’t your strong suit, try wrestling in the ring! Or Bowling at Woodhaven lanes, and you’re more of a skater, try Hockey! If none of these sports interest you, then give spring and summer sports a try, there are so many sports and fun activities to play and do to keep yourself distracted from stress, you just have to find the right one, even if you aren’t into sports, there are activities that could keep you distracted from school stress, try drawing, maybe you’ll discover something new about yourself. So get out there and try something new.