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Warriors dazzle the purple carpet at homecoming dance


Woodhaven students once again set this year’s fashion trends soaring at the annual Homecoming dance, ultimately producing phenomenal inspiration for future dances.

The classes of the 2023-2024 school year composed formal dress, trends, sparking individualism, and beauty within their wardrobe.

The trends were analyzed from an inclusive survey that was sent out to 9th through 12th grade including the following about which attire was most selecting.

Homecoming can be very expensive due to the wardrobe; the considerable question is, what is the average amount of money students spend on the Homecoming dance? It was ultimately diverse across the board.

Many declared that around a hundred to a few hundred is a modest amount, Crapanzano claimed, “Nothing more than like $500”.

A significant part of Homecoming preparations is how much time people spend prepping before the dance. The times were divided as 41% claimed that it took them several hours.

From the Homecoming court, Randazzo mentions, “I have to wake up, and I get my hair done like early in the morning, and then it takes my makeup like 2 hours and then technically the whole process I would say takes like 5 hours”.

For many, dresses are often the principal part of the dance. 51.2% chose a maxi dress, 21.3% chose a midi, and 27.6% chose a short dress. Each dress often embodies each distinctive individual fancying them into becoming their fairytale.

From the homecoming court, Josephine Crapanzano remarked, “I think my favorite type of dress has got to be poofy dresses. Like, I feel like it’s like giving Disney Princess and I think they’re just like, so pretty”.

Shoes were widely selected on various types, once again exhibiting how unique beauty can be across the board. 30.4% selected the classic pump heel, while several shoes have at least one selection.

From the homecoming court, Gabriella Randazzo herself remarked what many can relate to declaring “I usually wear like 5-inch heels because I’m usually the shortest in the friend group, so I have to have some. But yeah, um, I like really sparkly ones that have, like, a skinnier heel, so it’s easier to walk in”.

Dress colors, like shoes, were selected in a variety. The colors that were preferred were blue at 24.8% and black at 23.3%.

However, each person has a preference, such as Crapanzano who commented “I think yellow is a very good color for me, just ‘cause like my hair, and it reminds me of, like, Bell”.

Blazers were not left out of the conversation as an overwhelming majority chose black, and Navy blue.

However, originality did not fall short with homecoming court, Reed Musial. He reminisced, “I think I’ve worn darker Blazers most times. I think actually my sophomore year I wore a Gray one, but I’ve worn darker Blazers. So I thought, why not just wear a light one?”

Just beating no pocket squares by 16.2%, pocket squares take overall satisfaction.

Musial expressed his love for pocket squares and proclaimed, “I think it kind of pulls the outfit together, especially ‘cause it’s like an accent color and it looks really good”.

Following this year’s spectacular fall dance, Homecoming encourages the new school year as it ventures off, and fashion trends announce themselves into a new era of modesty and individualism, ultimately staging for future dances.

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