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Vests: Best Fall Fashion Trend

Vests: Best Fall Fashion Trend

Woodhaven High School students show out to school with their fall fashion, setting new trends every year. Fall outfits are unique because the weather allows people to change how their style goes every day. Most people dress for winter, while some are still in their summer clothes. 

A Google Forms survey was conducted to reveal Woodhaven High School students’ favorite fall outfits and trends. A variety of students responded honestly about their fashion opinions. 

Many Woodhaven High School students are constantly wearing cute clothing layered to stay warm during the fall. Students were asked what their favorite fall trend is at Woodhaven High and the top answer was vests. 

Vests can be styled in many variations and by changing the shirt underneath. Vests can be worn as a jacket or a shirt as well. The survey asked students, “What would you style a vest with?” Many of these people had similar answers. SueAnna Satterfield states, “Probably a tight fitted long sleeve crop top with jeans or leggings with uggs,” and Maggie O’Such stated, “Any colored long sleeve with a matching with jeans or leggings with some boots, Uggs, or Converse.”

The price of vests can vary, depending on which type of vests you like to wear. However, both vests can be styled the same and be stylish regardless of how expensive they are.

If you’re looking for a more expensive option, the Patagonia puffer vest is $189.00 online and can be purchased in-store. The Lululemon “Down for It All vest” is $168.00. 

People may want to buy more expensive clothing for the durability because they are better made. Many people use vests as a staple item so they want to ensure it will last them a significant amount of time. 

For the more affordable options, Amazon has various options for the puffer vest for $34.00 in many different colors. The cheaper one on Amazon is $17.00 These are easy to find by searching “puffer vests” If you search on the website “SHEIN” there are cheaper options for $12.00. 

People may want to reach for the more affordable options for many reasons. First, they may not wear vests every day and feel it is not worth it to spend all of their money on something worn a few times. People also may want to buy a variety of different colors for cheaper. The difference is some people value quantity over quality so they have a bigger collection of vests to pair with different outfits. 

Vests can be worn with different types of pants and shirts so it makes it easy to be personalized to what you’re comfortable with. There are different types of leggings, flare pants, jeans, jeggings, sweatpants, and joggers that are available to wear and look good with vests. 

There are also sweaters, t-shirts, cropped long sleeves, full-length long-sleeve shirts, and hoodies that can be worn. This makes it easy to change up your style every day but with the staple item of a vest. 

Vests are very gender versatile because males and females can pair them with anything to make an equally good outfit for the fall and even the winter. The point of the vests is to be warm but Woodhaven Students know how to make them stylish as well. 

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