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6 winter apparel items you need in 2024

Need guidance on what apparel is mostly needed for the winter? With the winter season here you may be thinking about adding apparel to your wardrobe to dress comfortably and fashionably. It is important to stay warm during this time, adding these six items can help prevent that. During the winter season, dressing comfortably is most important. 

Beanies made a comeback in 2023 with new updates and recreations! Adding one to your collection may be a start for you, not only are they a way to keep your head warm and protect your ears. They come in vast varieties of patterns and fabrics. Ways you can style the beanies; by using slouch beanies for a more chill look or looking for something simple you can wear a classic beanie for a classy day. The beanie comeback expands the trend patterns in beanies. The item can spark creativity when trying to style, but most importantly find the one that fits you comfortably. You can shop for this locally or online on websites like  Amazon and Tikok Shop Temu and Shein. 



Another apparel item to look into is winter coats. Coats help in the winter by protecting you from all weather conditions and preventing you from getting sick coats also make a big first impression during the season.  They can range from Long short thick, thin, puffer, Furr and much more. Coats even make ways to top off the outfit underneath if you hate wearing coats all day. Set your fashion off first by introducing the coat first. Get creative with mixed textures and the sport you play makes a coat. Coats invites ways to show love to your school and your accomplishments keeping you with something that makes you in it warm Creating varsity and investing in varsity jakes for a coat would be for you, Coats sets moods for your outfit, whether you are trying to be classy a coat for you would be tailored to go snowboarding big and puffy all while finding a comfort and warmth while in a coat. You are looking for ways to stay warm indoors without having to wear a coat? Hoodies make perfect apparel when trying to wear something lightweight, comfortable, and most importantly warm, hoodies come in multiple different brands, styles, and materials to help you feel you when trying to style it. Hoodies can be styled in vast ways, are amazing for lightweight comfort, and are very flexible for usage. Trying to stay warm during school hoodies would be amazing. Hoodies can be styled underneath or on top for an extra layer of warmth. Some good brands are Nike, and Under Armour and essentials locally can be found at Southland Mall, Fairlane Mall, Somerset Mall, Oakland Mall, and Great Lakes Crossing Mall. 


Winter shoes such as boots and slippers can be used and made a major comeback in 2023 with winter shoe fashion with famous brands like Ugg the Ugg boot comes in multiple colors and short, tall, medium, or even smedium. Slippers have made a come into winter fashion slippers with fur around the edges. luckily other brands for less like Bearpaw and others not listed will work the same, the job boots and slippers have fur on the insides to keep your toes nice and toasty. Just make sure to keep on a pair of socks! And it is important to keep the fur. It allows room for an amazing comforter and is great for the style. They are very flexible for completing your outfit and easy to style. Locally you can find these shoes at Shoe Carnival, FootLocker, Journeys, and Champs.  Oakland Mall, Southland Mall Somerset Mall, Fairlane, and Great Lakes Crossing 




Socks play an important role in our everyday life especially during the fall and winter keeping your feet warm in fashion. Socks are pretty trendy in 2023 with bigger brands making socks to match and of course who doesn’t like crazy socks? Adding more socks to your fashion can be worn in cool creative ways. Find a way to style your socks for the winter season. Socks are very versatile. Find the pair that matches you! Socks can even come in thermal to protect our toes from getting frosted and importantly a pair of socks can last for years. Socks can be found locally at Walmart, and Target, Online sites such as, and, or inside local malls like Southland, somerset, Oakland Mall, Marshalls, and TjMaxx.





Lastly, Looking for Bottoms for the season? Keeping your legs warm while winter is in session is important a simple pair of slacks can help keep you feeling like you dress while in those thick layers, bottoms are shown off second from the coat a pair of comfortable sweatpants or leggings are most common for highschool kids at in the search for comfortability while in school, or doing those winter activities sweat pants can come in different textures brands and styles, leggings make great and quick and easy while in those morning rushes throw on a pair of sweats you can explore fashion when using bottoms and most importantly the bottoms have to match the top leggings even come flared which is most common now in 2023 for most interest sweats, leggings can be found locally at southland mall Nike outlets,  under armor in store and Fairlane Mall, Somerset Mall, Oakland Mall, Great lakes crossing Mall M marshalls and Target or Max. 

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