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Suit and tuxedo styles for prom 2024


It is that time of year again, high school students all across the country are preparing for the long-awaited moment of prom! 

This is a staple for high school and it is something that every single person will remember when thinking back to their teenage years.

Styles are changing and there are a great number of different options when it comes to deciding what suit or tuxedo to wear. The style of your clothing and the colors you incorporate into your look are important factors you need to think about. 

You need to first understand what the difference is between a suit and a tuxedo. A suit is usually worn with a long tie or even no tie at all and the lapel of the suit is the same kind of fabric as the rest of the suit. Also, Suits are worn in slightly less formal events.

Suits allow for more diversity when it comes to color selections. Suits fulfill the same duty as a tuxedo except they allow for deeper incorporation into your look


On the other hand, a tuxedo is normally worn with a bow tie and the lapel of the jacket is satin, making it pop out more than your ordinary suit. Tuxedos are typically worn in more formal events. 

Tuxedos don’t generally come in too many colors, but you generally see black and white, and the button-up shirt is the opposite color as the main jacket.

Additionally, tuxedos are worn with a vest under the jacket for an even more formal look. Both suits and tuxedos have the same shoe collection, but it is your look so you can wear whatever best fits your style and the event taking place.

Aside from the common style of tuxedos and suits, there is much more you can add on to your jackets. Something that adds a nice touch is the buttons on your jacket, some like to go all out with the amount of buttons and some settle for only two or three.

Buttons on a jacket don’t have much of a purpose except it is only preference. More buttons can be more elegant in the eyes of some, while others may view it as excessive, it all depends on what you like. 

You can mix and match colors as much as you’d like, but you need to understand what colors complement each other well. If you wear two colors that don’t look well together, then it makes the whole look different and can ruin the outfit. 

Color matches you see among people who wear suits are navy jackets and pants with brown shoes, this is a very common combo but it provides an attractive look. You can wear almost any color button-up and tie with any suit, making it easier for your personality to show your look. 

You don’t want to wear socks that are a brighter color because it will attract people’s eyes to your feet, and that is not necessarily where you want people to look.

When it comes to prom, there are so many different styles you can choose from, but it all comes down to what you like. Be yourself and let your personality shine through, it is your prom look and it is yours to enjoy. You only have one opportunity to experience this moment in your life so do what makes you happy.

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