Dorm Room Must Haves

Dorm Room Must Haves

MacKenzi Tatum

As the class of 2023 graduates and starts to prepare for the next chapter of our lives, Many of us are preparing for college. Many colleges and self-proclaimed specialists will not hesitate to give you the most needed items for college. As the youngest of 4 children, I have gathered quite a bit of knowledge from my older siblings on the things that the list suggests that are not truly a must. Here are a few non-negotiables when it comes to dorm essentials.


Shower Caddy 

You will most definitely need a shower caddy whether you are using a communal bathroom or a personal one inside your suite or room. With a shower caddy, you will be able to easily store and carry all bathroom and shower supplies like your toothbrush, soap, loofah, shower shoes, and other bathroom essentials for your average shower or bathroom visit. Caddies are crucial in communal-style bathrooms because there is less storage and shelf space. You won’t be able to keep your stuff in the shower if 50 other people are trying to use the same space. This is such a needed item and it is also easily accessible. Caddies can be found anywhere including Target and Walmart. 


Laundry Supplies

Laundry is an important step and you have to make sure you’re getting things done efficiently. Laundry detergent is unnecessary all you need are laundry pods. If you have communal laundry it would not be surprising to have a huge need for the laundry machines. Coming with clothes presorted and ready to throw in speed the process up. Throwing in your clothes and a laundry pod does not just help your own laundry room experience. To easily tote your laundry a rolling hamper will be the most productive option. 


Extension Cords

This is top of the must-grab or you will regret your decision list. When in your dorm there will no doubt be a million and one things that need to be plugged in. Extension cords can hold all shapes and sizes. If you want to unplug your items before you leave you can always just flip the off switch. You can also easily unplug everything at once with a single cord. 



Whether you are in between laundry days or just want to switch up your style it is important to bring more than one set of sheets. My older sisters each had about 2-3 sets and used them all. My brother got 1 and had to buy more because it was a hassle to have to wait on the only set. If you are the type of person who likes to wrap yourself in blankets instead of the twin XL comforter that comes in a set I recommend buying sheets and the comforter separately. This gives you the chance to buy a full or queen-size comforter. With these types of comforters not only can you wrap yourself better but during the day when your bed is made you will be able to hide the storage containers and other things stuffed under your bed.


Storage, Storage, and More Storage

You will need lots of storage. I will say it a thousand times over again. Dorms have limited space especially if you are sharing. Going from a room with lots of space and storage to a dorm can be a big shift. Storage containers are a great way to store and keep anything from snacks, clothes, and additional supplies. You can even use storage bins as extra seating for guests, throw a blanket over a stuffed container. Decorative containers are also a great option for this and usually run around the same price as regular bins. You will also need storage next to your bed and on your desk. Even if your desk has drawers, organizers will help to make things more easily accessible and neat. If you have pens, makeup brushes, or other supplies on top of your desk, Containers can help keep a clean space accessible to study.