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Warrior Chess Club meetings have begun

Paige Berridge

The Chess Club director Mrs. Coch led the chess club’s first meeting for the school year and plans to hold them every other week. She and the club members highly encourage students of any grade to join.

For those who are interested but have never played, chess club president Rheanna Bonot ensures that newcomers do not have to stress. The club is always looking to recruit new members who are

“It’s a really chill club even if you don’t know how to play because me and other people who do know can teach you. You don’t have to go to every meeting and it’s a good way to meet new people,” said Rheanna Bonot.

Contrary to popular belief, chess is not difficult to learn, according to club members that include both students who have been playing chess for a while and some who are beginners.

“People think it’s way harder than it is. Just playing the game is fun and easy,” chess club member Joseph Reyas stated.

The members and leader Mrs. Coch encourage students to join any Woodhaven clubs offered, specifically chess club if they are so inclined to, because of the benefits that clubs provide.

“Clubs give students a chance to collaborate and meet friends. It’s interesting to see a mix of students who you wouldn’t think would join and to see them mix together,” stated Ms. Coch.

If students are looking to meet new friends, become more involved, and love chess, the chess club is for them. Meetings begin right after school and run until 3:30 in Mrs. Coch’s classroom, B107.

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