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The Counselor Mindset group invitation

The WHS counseling office invites students to join the Mindset Group meetings to provide an opportunity for positive development among themselves. 

Students might face difficulties with their educational institutions, depression, and communication in the courses of their young adulthood. To help with decreasing the tension, Mindset meetings teach students how to express and tolerate individual emotions. 

The meetings have its positive outcomes. Rylee Herr, member of the mindset group mentioned, “Patience and appreciation towards my feelings was one of the important topics I learned here.”

The meetings have influenced young teenagers to build up decision making skills and their ability to solve problems.

The counselor of this group Mrs. Smith assigned this invitation among her students starting in November 2023. Later it will expand, allowing the rest of the counselors to provide meetings as well. Mrs Smith supports this expansion , “This experience is invaluable and should be administered to all students.”

Students joining this group will form a stronger bond with one another and receive a personal journal to narrow down lessons taught by the instructor. Students grew their ability to express their emotions by interacting with their thoughts through writing, leading to Makaila Johnson, saying “It encourages me to view my writing skills and keep up with the lessons I learned.” 

Students part of the group are contacted by their counselor once or twice a week, near the end of their class time; meetings usually last until the beginning of the next period. The majority of the members believed this strategic use of time was helpful. Kiersten Farkas said, “Instead of missing a whole class period, it gives me the chance to be in all my classes including this excellent group.” Students maintain the opportunity to participate in their original classes, and help them keep up with what they learned in the mindset group.

Meetings are held in the counseling office, described as a Huddle, to maintain privacy so students can feel accepted. Danielle Gordon said, “I feel comfortable in this room, it helps me share my responses confidently.”The atmosphere of the room has an impact among students because it causes them to concentrate more.  

 Students who are looking for a relaxed year should consider joining the Mindset meetings as they will give them a chance  to experience useful lessons from the WHS counseling department.

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