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How to improve your squat


How to improve your squat? The first and most important thing is proper squat form. The Proper squat form consists of having your feet shoulder- width apart, your shoulders pulled tight into the barbell, after this you’re ready to unrack the weight.

Once you are unracked, you set your feet, take a deep breath and brace your core. Then start your squat. On your way down your shoulders are still pulled tight to the bar and your back aligned in a straight line. 

You descend until your hip crease is under your knee, then while keeping your head straight and back still aligned you ascend back to a standing position.

Another way to improve your squat is through other movements. For example, leg extensions are a great exercise to improve your squats, because they target your quadriceps, which you use in a barbell squat.  Another exercise would be goblet squats. This is a great way to work on achieving squat depth and simply working those same muscle groups in a different movement. The goblet squat is also very customizable.

You can add a heel raise to make depth simpler, add a pause at the bottom of the squat and you can use many different types of weights such as plates, dumbbells, or kettlebells. A different way to improve your squat is equipment. Common equipment is knee sleeves, lifting belts, knee straps, and wrist wraps. Knee sleeves are commonly used in weight lifting. This is because knee sleeves give a little help getting up out of the bottom of your squat and takes some stress off your knees. 

A lifting belt is a helpful gym tool. It helps to stabilize your back and give you something to brace your core into. This improves your squat by helping you stabilize your lower back and keep it in a straight line throughout the lift. 

Knee straps are a stronger form of sleeve that gives your knees more stability and gives even more of a boost out of the bottom of a squat. 

The last helpful piece of equipment is wrist wraps. This improves your squat by giving your wrist more stability while holding the barbell. Overall, the ways you improve your squat can be proper form, practicing certain exercises, or using different types of equipment that you are most comfortable with.

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